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Latest News March 19, 2023

Monitor your advertising campaign with Aria Art

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Keep an eye on your advertising campaign with Arya Art

The success of any project depends on the amount of effort expended in upgrading it and the means used in it, and here at AriaArt Foundation you will find everything you are looking for and what you lack to advance your project, products or goods, the Foundation provides a range of distinctive services for everyone who owns a project or online store, starting from promoting it to monitoring its reach to the masses interested in displaying it, AriaArt Foundation was established in 2016 in the State of Iraq as the first step in promoting advertising campaigns, and in order for everyone to benefit from: It is not able to communicate its purposes to the whole world, surveillance is one of the important media and this is what we will learn about in detail in the following lines.

How to monitor ad campaigns

AriaArt has a distinguished and highly trained team capable of helping you and solving your problem, whatever it is, as they monitor your advertising campaign and monitor its results and inform you of them immediately.

The impression share of ads for your project, product or cough is monitored by calculating the reach and view of the ad by the audience who is familiar with it, and the advertising campaign is tracked, its performance is evaluated, and the impact of the ads on the audience is known.

The monitoring process takes place in several steps:

  • Record weekly and monthly video footage successfully the progress of the advertising campaign.
  • Provide photos and videos of your product or merchandise, and tell you what they should publish.
  • Give continuous reports on the progress of competitors’ campaigns.

Campaign success factors

There has been a great development in the means of communication between countries, due to the launch of digital technology and its intervention in all areas of social, political and economic life, and technology has become a major factor in communicating any idea or in advertising a product or commodity, and the greater the percentage of access to electronic advertisements, the greater the success rate of the project or product, and there are many factors that contribute to the success of any advertising campaign and AriaArt Foundation is keen to provide it in all the tasks it provides to its customers, namely:

  • Accuracy and quality of advertising

The process of configuring the advertisement is carried out under specialized people by writing the advertisement in a way that attracts browsers, and generates within them curiosity to complete it to the last word in it, choosing accurate and interesting words in writing it that have a major role in increasing its spread and expanding its reach to the largest number of browsers, and always remember that most of the time you are among the browsers who appear to them many ads, so be keen on creativity in promoting your product or project, and this is done by the specialized teams in the institution Arya Art.

  • Appropriate ad targeting

The task of choosing the target audience in promoting your project or product is very important and helps you determine your goals and plans, for example if you are promoting face lightening cream for girls, specify the targeting of girls from your ad, not only that, you also have to specify the age you want as well, the face lightening cream is suitable for girls who have 18 to 40 years, and do not worry about this matter from the side of Ariaart.

  • Diversity

Entrepreneurs or electronic stores are interested in expanding the scope of the spread of their field, and the first steps of this spread have become social networking sites, because thousands of users of these sites shop and buy goods online, so there are so-called paid ads, you resort to Aria Art Foundation and clarify your goals, and you make a funded advertisement for you in which you pay a small fee at the beginning, and to increase the percentage of access, you make more than one copy of that ad, meaning changing the format, colors and display of the ad. But the same product remains, this idea removes the boredom complex when watching sponsored ads.

  • copyright

Sometimes some content writers infringe on other people’s articles, and this is completely contrary to copyright, and AriaArt is keen to avoid this mistake and write content of her own only.

  • Ad value estimation

It consists of giving the advertisement its material right when designing, configuring and publishing it, and seeing whether it can increase its price when it is traded or not.

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