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Latest News April 13, 2023

With Arya Art all your media is in your hands

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With Arya Art all media in your hands

The media has become the most famous means ever in promoting any project or any commodity, so large entrepreneurs seek to buy and own these media to enlarge their e-commerce and reach the largest number of audiences that are interested in the field of the project or the type of commodity, but have you ever asked yourself what is media buying?, All this and more you will learn about it in detail in AriaArt, a leading institution in the field of e-marketing, which is keen to meet the needs of Its customers are highly accurate, secure and private.

What is media buying?

Perhaps the most important step in progress in the field of e-marketing is the purchase of media, which is to gain the trust of more than one media source that displays advertisements such as television, the Internet, radio, paper and digital publications, all of these means help you move your business to the ladders of success, but this topic does not succeed overnight, but needs some time and you must be patient in order to get the result you have always dreamed of to enlarge your project or promote your product, what You just have to hand over the reins to AriaArt, which specializes in controlling ad visibility for the right viewers and expanding ad reach as far as the advertiser wants.

AriaArt employs advertising in the right form, so that it targets the most watched channels by those interested in the commodity or product to be advertised, for example if we have an advertiser who wants to display his car show, and how much he has an amazing collection of modern and international car collections, he puts the ad in a channel that displays continuous ads for cars, thus gaining fame and reaching the largest number of viewers.

Let’s mention another example, if the advertiser is the owner of a marketing project for natural oils for hair, AriaArt Foundation employs the advertisement in an article that talks about the benefits of natural oils for hair, skin and the like, and certainly those who read that article are interested in natural oils and therefore take curiosity to see this ad, and once he enters it, it increases the percentage of advertising reaching the public.

Types of media

As the owner of a product, commodity, project, or online store, you should be fully aware of the types of media you want to buy to enlarge your project, and there are several media that AriaArt is keen to provide to all its customers, including:

  • declarations

The ads included on the videos are the most famous type of all, which appear in most social networking applications, including: Facebook and YouTube, when you watch a video of more than two minutes, an advertisement appears for a product or commodity or even for a place or institution, this ad is paid by the owner of the product.

  • Searches

There are many search engines, the most famous of which is the Google search engine, where when you want to search for anything you type in the search box and more than one site comes out to identify it, these are paid searches, you as the owner of a site or article need to promote your site by paying to include your site among the search results that browsers are looking for.

  • Social Media

The percentage of sales and electronic stores has increased recently, due to the development of digital technology and the ease of promoting any product or commodity, and due to the large number of browsers through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, so it has become easy to start your own project and grow through the interaction of the audience with you, and a paid advertisement can be made, but at a low cost.

  • Radio & TV

Radio and television are the first and most famous media stations, through which we learn about newsletters and advertisements for products and goods before the advancement of digital technology from smartphones reaches us.

  • Newspapers & Magazines

Newspapers and magazines contain news of politics, economics, art and others, and there is a special page for displaying advertisements from any side, and magazines differ from newspapers and newspapers in that they resemble the book in their edition and form, and some prefer to read them about newspapers and newspapers, but both represent to us one of the most important media, especially before the era of technology and smartphones.

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